"The Sweet Release of Dempsey's Boot"

What a week. At the time of recording, we've cleared the conference semifinals, and we are headed to meet Houston (yes, Houston) in the conference finals.

We've got time, we'll be on good rest, and we have about 7 fewer folks on yellows -- and if you get a chance, listen to Tim's interview on @ThePeel05 11/8 on their YouTube channel.

We have a great show this week -- it's longer than normal because we jam packed it with stuff you want to hear!

@CaseyCatherwood from @RainiersLand and @davewmontgomery from @SC_Trust talk with us about the 2-0 victory to seal our ticket to the next playoff stage, as well as getting deep into what's going on with the S2 @MoveToTacoma (see what I did there).

We also have audio from the official S2 to Tacoma presser @doylespub, where we speak with Community Development Director, @Woodards4Tacoma (now the Mayor Elect), Aaron Artman, President of the Rainiers, and (drumroll) Garth Lagerwey of YOUR Seattle Sounders FC.

Hang in there. We promise it's worth it.

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