How Do You Say El Burro Esparkalo With a British Accent?

Yeah, we know… it’s been a long time. So to make it up to you we have some very special guests on this show. Steve and Tim are joined in the Sparkle Donkey Tequila Lab in SODO by our host, Stefan Schachtell, and the singular talents of Niko Moreno of Sounder at Heart and Matt Pentz of The Athletic.

We talk about the state of the team leading into the Portland match, including recent form, implications for a quiet transfer window, the new ownership group, and more. We then look to the South and make some predictions for the match. We discuss the nascent Schmetzer Out phenomenon, and give our impressions of the overall business, team management, and development strategies of the Front Office.

We also drink a very reasonable and safe amount of tequila. (drink responsibly, always have a designated driver, for real).

Finally, your listener questions round us out.

Regular featured family:

@AHammTNT Andrew Hammond

@podfish Steve Ketelsen

@muffintopmodel Tim Hamilton

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Thanks for listening, and see you in the terraces! #EBFG

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