We Don't Need No Stinking Plan!

We are BACK and ready for action!

The Sounders 10th Anniversary season (or 11, who’s counting) is upon us, and the Flounders B-Team is HERE FOR IT. Tonight we talk about roster construction (lots of open spots, not a lot of depth, lots of reason for hope). We discuss the strategy the FO & Garth Lagerwey might be taking as they integrate the Tacoma team more deeply into their plans.

We talk about the Cheney Stadium relaunch & re-home for the Tacoma Defiance & the Seattle Reign, and close up with a quick analysis of the Cincinatti opener on 3/2.

Just a reminder: we’ll be broadcasting on Facebook Live & YouTube before that match, 3/2/2019 at 1:00pm PST from Black Rock Spirits in efficacious SoDo Seattle, Washington. Can’t wait to see you all join!


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