Baldomero Tornado

What a great match, and a great week overall for Seattle Sounders FC on both sides of the county line! Despite a despicable performance by the referee, our boys have taken home eight (count 'em eight!!) straight wins to extend the unbeaten streak to 11.

The Flounders B-Team knows how to do it right: we do a little celebration of success this week by joining Doyle's Public House on their Designated Driver Express bus to see the KC Wizards get their wands broken by our Boys in Rave Green. Nate, Steve, and Tim are joined by a few friends, family, and fans of the show (it's hard to tell the difference some times!) We talk about current events (Bye, Clint, say it ain't so and so on), tactical observations & formation, and what we're drinking. We continue the conversation on the bus, then Tim and Steve recap the match in studio.

Be sure to check out Doyle's Public House at 208 St. Helens Avenue, right here in Tacoma, Washington for literally all of your soccer viewing and ale drinking needs.

Regular featured family:

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