GUYS, we finally won a game. And we got a treat in Toronto coming so close, and losing a championship (again) in PKs.

We talk S2 roster, selfless acts from aging heroes, beating Minnesota in glorious fashion, and the future of a number of our players. Christian Roldan, Gustav Svensson, Captain Alonso, the young Alex Roldan & Jordy Delem, along with the whole squad performed very well in the first half, and held their own in the second. Tons of opportunities greet these young players, as there is no significant signing suspected in the foreseeable future -- or at least before the closure of the May 5 transfer window. And, of course, the very next day we rematch LAFC as they open their brand new stadium in the heart of Los Angeles just south of USC. So, you know, hopefully we keep the wheels greased up.

We also finish out our @BigDaveTPIR Dave Kreszcko interview!

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