The Butcher of Nacogdoches

Tim, Steve, and Nate chat about the week that was. 1-0 is a completely reasonable result at home against Chivas de Guadalajara. We discuss the game, preview the next match in Guadalajara, and accidentally talk about the acceptable loss against LAFC in the home opener. You win some, you lose some, and we are ready for next week!

We also talk with Raney, Kurt & Anthony, friends from Dallas who have perspectives on how FCD is shaping up for the year and try to explain some lousy opening form.

Then we talk about our home watching habits for away matches and go through the new offerings available to see our boys whether we're cord cutters or classic cable box subscribers.

Featuring music from the 1971 Shaft soundtrack, Isaac Hayes with Soulsville, and a little karaoke with The Breeders & Cannonball.

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