I believe that we will MEH!

We wouldn't be happy if we didn't have a mediocre team to support. Since the Sounders are in great shape, still first in the West, it's time to crap on US Soccer.

The B-Team covers the miserable USA v Costa Rica home appearance in beautiful New Jersey, and speculates on lineups and hope for USA v Honduras. Spoiler alert: defense was a garbage fire.

We preview the upcoming Galaxy match at the Clink 9/10, discuss Joevin Jones status, other possible international callups, and we sink our teeth into #suarezwatch.

Yeah. Sorry about that last one.

We also get a look in to Lincoln Abes Women's Soccer v Foss, offer a late invite to watch the match and save Nate a bunch of money on drinks in the process. Also, it got cancelled due to smoke.

Seriously, support high school athletics, and if you want to see Cat coach, come visit the Lincoln Bowl in beautiful Tacoma, Washington throughout the season.

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