What a tease...

Season 1 Teaser -- Q&A with @ThePeel2005 on the Houston Dynamo

We started yet another Sounder Supporter Podcast!  This teaser episode covers briefly who we are and what we want to do -- South Sound perspectives on the local soccer fandom & culture, and perspectives from other supporters not just from around the MLS but around the world.

What we have for you today we hope to bring you every episode. We have the perspective of supporters from the other side of the pitch to share -- what is running through their minds as they prepare to face the Rave Green?  The idea every week is to get a totally biased take of an upcoming opponent by some of their supporters.  We are passionate about the Sounders and think they're the bee's knees but it turns out that other folks like other teams too so let's see what this game looks like from a couple thousand miles away.

This week it's the Houston Dynamo.  Tim reached out to some Dynamo supporters (Josh & Justin) that actually do their own podcast called "THE PEEL" @thepeel2005.  Tim asked them these four questions:  

1.  How's your season going and what are your expectations for 2017?  

2.  Which players should SSFC fans pay attention to?

3.  What does your team need to do to beat SSFC?

4.  What keeps you up at night about this game?

Thanks for checking us out. Look for new content just about weekly.