S01E03 - Swipe Right for Dempsey


  • Sounders win when it counts

  • @podfish doesn’t know what “surfeit” means

  • The Deuce is Loose (131st USMNT Cap)

  • Cat gets a mullet

  • Advice From Uncle Ron

  • NECAXA (pronounced: [ne.ˈkak.sa]) evens it out

  • Kevin Hearts Garth

  • Quick hits on Hot-Lanta 3/31

Audio Clips:

  • A-Team Theme (©1983-1987 NBC Studios)

  • PANDA by Desiigner (©2016 GOOD Music/Def Jam Recordings)

  • Apologies to Ace Hood for butchering “Ride” in the outro.

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  • Cat Peterson (@cm_peterson)

  • Kevin Zamira (@kevin_zamira)

  • Tim Hamilton (@muffintopmodel)

  • Steve Ketelsen (@podfish)

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