This Episode Brought to You By the Number 3

What a season it has been. Just 4 weeks ago @podfish was lamenting the end of our playoff hopes, and we were still wallowing in our double-digit unbeaten streak.

Somehow, he's done it. Brian Schmetzer has formed his Rave Green Army into something that at once looks like nothing we've ever seen, but feels so familiar. We feel unbeatable. We feel deserving. We feel like champions.

Steve and Tim rehash the week that was, and the win that propelled us to 2nd place in the West while placing us on the path toward glory. Can we do it again? Time will tell. Your support is needed.

We also explored with the @TacomaStarsSC and what their season kickoff looks like. By the way, if you're buying tickets, use TS27 as a discount code and save a couple of bucks! (We don't get anything on that, BTW.)

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