The Cup Never Bothered Us Anyway...

No. We're not going to talk about it this week. Logistics did not permit. However we *will* revel in the most decisive victories our boys in Red White & Blue have experienced in quite a while, and also talk with our upcoming opponents in Red White & Blue from South of the Mason-Dixon Line -- they weren't as exciting as Taylor Twellman's rant, but we'll take it.

Honestly, this might be our favorite supporter interview since we started this venture. Raney & Anthony Stryk talked with us as non-supporter-group supporters about the state of their team, expectations and hopes for the rest of their season, and a little bit of 4-0 reverie.

Anthony is also a contributor to Last Word on Soccer, so check him out there, and at @THEGlennCanyon on Twitter.

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We promise, the cool kids will be back soon.

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