Queen For A Day

So recently I was super lucky to have a chance to do what I love: talk soccer with my friends. Nate asked his Flounders B Team friends to join him for some soccer talk, and I jumped at the chance!! So perfect, I’m in my element and having a great time. But then Nate asked me a great question (because that’s what he does) and I totally flubbed my lines. You know those moments where you just have so much to say and you can’t even think of where to begin? No, well I do! And that’s what happened. So here is what I should have said when Nate asked me what I would do if I was to become the soccer czar of the USA:


  • Much, much lower coaching license fees. They currently cost thousands. That’s stupid. We need MUCH better coaching at the younger age groups and more access to education needs to be the goal.
  • Any 18-22 year old that makes an MLS roster aso gets their college paid for.
  • NCAA season becomes fall and spring like the Apertura and Clausura. Need more games!!
  • Youth teams get a cut of the transfer fees when their ex-players move on. Make it prestigious and profitable to move players to the next level.
  • All youth teams that advertise for tryouts have to do it in English and Spanish and a third language depending on local demographics. Use google translate, it won’t be that difficult. And think of the barriers it could break down!
  • No more Alexi Lalas, or Taylor Twellman. Ever. Banned for life.

Ok, that’s all I have for now. But I reserve the right to add to the list. But I’m curious, what would you add to it?? Leave a comment :)