Sounders v. Minnesota - 8/5/17 - Quick Hits

  • Deuce is the team's leading goalscorer. Which is...great? For now. I think. I mean Clint Dempsey playing at a high level could certainly help the Sounders win a championship, but I can't help but think how great it would be if Morris was at least challenging him. For now, it's fine. 
  • But hey, Morris scored! As a forward! My first thought was Schmetzer put him up front for a different look and to get him more chances to score. Which it did. However, could it also be a sign of things to come? Moving Morris forward is one way to clear room in the midfield for Roldan when Ozzie comes back and when Vic Rod is ready to play. Time will tell but if Morris keeps scoring from the forward position, it' s a safe bet he'll get more time there.
  • Lodeiro got the assist to Morris!! On a day where it looked like neither he nor Morris could buy a goal, they combined to put the game away for the Sounders. Both players need to create more goals to continue justifying their playing time, so I'm sure Lodeiro feels relieved to get back on the scoresheet.
  • Torres was...questionable today. Subbing him off at the end was a mercy killing on a day in which he was chastized more than once by his goalkeeper and center back partner for questionable marking and missed assignments. Torres looked at times lost, others uninterested. By all accounts you'd expect him to be a professional even though it's rumored he's unhappy with his contract situation. Let's hope today was an aberration and he gets back on track for the stretch run. 
  • The Sounders will move up in the standings. By the end of the day they could be third, at worst fourth. But the best part is they will be looking down on Portland and Vancouver. Which is always nice.